The Pillar of Research “Governance, Compliance & Regulation” (“GoCore!”) : “Welcome!”

“GoCore!” is an acronym for the three terms Governance, Compliance & Regulation. It is about the core challenge of a new academic discipline – Cyberscience. The goal and agenda of Cyberscience is the analysis of chances and risks, rights and obligations, as well as the consequences of a new fifth dimension of being (in addition to space and time) – namely the Cyberspace as a “space” created by technology.

More than a decade ago, the coordinator of the pillar of research “CoCoRe” began establishing a new jurisprudential discipline in Germany – Cyberlaw. The research portal “GoCoRe” has opened up the legal perspective for the input of other sciences. Due to the fact that the “GoCoRe” pillar of research originated in a department of Law and Economics, the need for economic find-ings and outcomes is self-evident. Expert input from the technological sciences is also mandatory, because the „Intelligence“ of the future will also be „Artificial Intelligence“ (AI). In this regard, “GoCoRe” has a special “anchor” to its home university – Technische Universität Darmstadt. Moreover, “GoCoRe” strives for a “Glocal”-perspective. Issues that will be analyzed and answered regionally in collaboration with the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz can be shared with the world in a bottom-up and top-down framework within the Jean Monnet-Centre of European Excellence. The previous coordinator and the current coordinator are members of the Jean Monnet-Centre of European Excellence that was granted on 07/31/2015 with the task “EU in Global Dialogue” (CEDI).

The current status of “GoCoRe” (10/2015) is aligned not only with its goals but also its methodology. The goals are laid out by the “RPF formula” that incorporates the three elements of defense rights (“Respect”), intellectual property rights (“Protect” – positive obligations) and the enforcement level (= “Enforcement” + “Compliance” = “Fulfill”). Its mission is about the analysis of physical states in Realworld and Cyberspace and the compliance with legal guarantees which are defined by this trinity: “Respect”, “Protect”, and “Fulfill”.

This respect for the freedoms also of others, this protection for the necessities of the claim-ants (Protect), as well as the implementation and enforcement of these legal guarantees are the core of a model that is anchored in European Union Law – a space of freedom, security and justice (Art. 67 para. 1 TFEU **).


*V. Schmid, Cyberlaw – Eine neue Disziplin im Recht?, in: Hendler, R./Marburger, P./Reinhardt, M./Schröder, M. (Hrsg.), Jahrbuch des Umwelt- und Technikrechts 2003, S. 456.

** “Die Union bildet einen Raum der Freiheit, der Sicherheit und des Rechts, in dem die Grundrechte und die verschiedenen Rechtsordnungen und -traditionen der Mitgliedstaaten geachtet werden.“